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  1. Bob Simcock says:

    But Cars are allowed during Car Boot Sales, this seems to be a contridiction to the signage. But, moving on. Once the Car Boot Sales have finished could you please remove the cones from the side of Pic Tor Lane, leaving them for the next sale not only looks very untidy, but it also makes it difficult to pass should two cars meet on the Lane.

    I would be interested in what would happen if a child or adult using the ground for its intended use, ie. Sports/games were to injure themselves on a sharp object dropped onto the field and left there after a boot sale. I think this could lead to a costly compensation claim against the Parish Council…

    • Sarah Porter says:

      Thank you for your comment and apologies for the delay in replying (due to the website being further updated and your comments being considered by the Council).
      All groups booking the recreation ground have their own insurance and must ensure they remove all cones and any items of litter. The car boots are part of an organised activity whereas cars generally are not allowed on the recreation ground.

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