Minutes from previous years

Please contact the Parish Council Clerk for copies of meeting minutes prior to 2016.

Meetings in 2016

January 2016Agenda 25/01/16Minutes 25/01/16
February 2016Agenda 22/02/16Minutes 22/02/16
March 2016Agenda 21/03/16Minutes 21/03/16
April 2016 (including Parish Meeting)Agenda + Parish Meeting 25/04/16Minutes 25/04/16
May 2016 (including AGM)AGM Agenda 23/05/16Minutes 23/05/16
June 2016Agenda 27/06/16Minutes 27/06/16
July 2016Agenda 25/07/16Minutes 25/07/16
August 2016No MeetingNo Meeting
September 2016Agenda 27/09/16Minutes 27/09/16
October 2016Agenda 24/10/16Minutes 24/10/16
28th November 2016Agenda PackMinutes
December 2016No MeetingNo Meeting